A bit about us...

PrimaSource is vendor-independent and aligned with the business interests of every member in the IT Sourcing and Supply ecosystem. With each as the Captain of their ship, PrimaSource works to enable and assist all members in achieving your sourcing and supply objectives, strategy through to execution, in an objective, data- driven approach led by an intelligent platform and a supportive advisory service. Penetrate Global Markets; Extend Market-reach. Join the Source!

Diverse: Vendor-agnostic

PrimaSource hearkens back to the basics of all human endeavour, the aspiration for evolution, growth, success…fuelled by the energies of communication, collaboration and competition between all players.

The internet has made it possible to leverage the enormous power of technology to deliver essential services to remote locations, increasing inclusivity in mankind, at a scale that was previously well-beyond the realm of possibility.

The PrimaSource team in pursuing its dream for global inclusivity in IT sourcing and supply has developed PrimaSmart, a unified sourcing-platform that is a pioneer in engaging small, medium and large companies in a global buyer-supplier ecosystem. Connecting the global IT community, generating business, creating jobs, harnessing success. Providing choice, abundant supply, verified providers and possibilities for synergy.

PrimaSource Sourcing Services

PrimaSource Sourcing Service enables your organization to prepare, plan and bench-mark performance against industry-standards and hand-hold your teams to the extend preferred in engaging with outsourcing and/or offshoring in a single or multi-vendor contract and service-delivery scenario.

The PrimaSource Project Management Office and the PrimaSource Knowledge-bank can be accessed to utilize customizable templates and tools for supplier-partner engagement through procurement, to establishing governance, the setup phase and ongoing service delivery.

The Sourcing Services are delivered by verified but third-party specialists to leverage established sourcing strategies with controls over implementation and management to reduce risks and increase benefits from shared services and single or multi-vendor contracts.

PrimaSmart Market-place

PrimaSmart Marketplace is a unified Global IT Sourcing Market-place where Buyers, Suppliers, Partners and Advisors engage for efficient sourcing of services and products, 24X7, anytime, anyplace.

PrimaSmart offers equal access to a wide spectrum of Buyers, Suppliers, Partners and Advisors, and a means to engage on-line should an engagement require expertise through the procurement process or simply access to templates, frameworks, processes and tool sets to enable efficient assessment, sourcing, project control and monitoring.

The PrimaSmart platform can assist you short-list, set-up a meeting, demo your products in a secure online forum and manage requirements from posting to short-lists and closure on multiple requirement-types. Leverage competency; retain control!

PrimaSource Foundation

The PrimaSource Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment of women with the belief that while each can do their bit in ways small and large, sustainability is achieved when objectives are clearly articulated and all execution is managed professionally.

The Programme Charter is to Train, Educate and Empower and the three parallel work streams are a) encouraging and promoting candidacy and longevity of women in the workforce; b) sponsoring the education of the girl-child through direct financial aid; c) skills-development in collaboration with professionals.

The Governance rests with the board of Directors of the Foundation and all resolutions and accounts are to remain transparent and published to all stake-holders, small or large.