Educate each; support gender-equality.

Equality is a right and like all rights needs to be upheld and protected in social and formal institutions.

PrimaSource, through it's not-for-profit engagement, The PrimaSource Foundation, has three ongoing initiatives-encouraging and promoting candidacy and longevity of women in the workforce; sponsoring the education of the girl-child through direct financial aid, skills-development in collaboration with professionals.

A percentage of all revenue is committed to this. You too can enrich our efforts and participate directly or by association. Please contact us at

We at PrimaSource have made the journey from "wish" to "will"; to set right the balance, to educate, empower and employ women. We've integrated social-education into our business-practice, our engagements, the fabric of our lives. Together, we can all go further. Extend the reach; join us or permit us to join you.