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PrimaSource has fashioned a unique partner business-environment and engagement model for all businesses that are engaged with IT Products, Services and Solutions or simply businesses where IT is core and there's never enough feet on the ground. A dynamic partner-ecosystem ensures that every aspect of business, i.e. Business-operations and Marketing are focus-areas for partner-led expert support across geographies making it possible to do what was extremely difficult so far...go beyond known locations, known people, known-contacts moving towards an expertise-led professional ecosystem. All markets offer opportunities and challenges and in these years of economic challenge, the unknown can easily be equated with being high-risk and most do shy away from venturing forth into it. Partners take away that aspect of the unknown and enable businesses to operate effectively in new markets irrespective of cultural or regulatory knowledge-gaps. Partners can be your extended and virtual teams in offering their expertise to compliment your business-interests. Everyone wins!


  • NGS offers competent staff within areas such as ITE, Information technology, Telecom and Embedded, at a competitive price.
  • Ahoy systems is a company engaged in the business of providing remote management solutions to remote retail assets of banks and retail brands.
  • The Zane Partnership is a firm of chartered accountants and business advisers with a solidly reliable reputation for getting it right.
  • James Goodman Consulting is a Premier SAP Resourcing partner based in Woking ? providing SAP Specialist Resource primarily across the South East, London and the home counties.