About Us

Our Compass points North..

PrimaSource is promoted and managed by business leaders and professionals across a wide spectrum. There is an eclectic mix of minds, hearts, hands and nationalities, with extensive experience in engaging with global markets, strategic sales, operations management and business delivery, as well as, the young, technology and social-media savvy sparks thriving on big-data, living cloud-enabled lives; all with a great deal of compassion at the core and collaboration being the common agenda. PrimaSource, calls for a return to the basics.

The basics, of all human endeavour and essentially, all business, is the aspiration for evolution, growth, success…for more; generating business, creating jobs, harnessing success.

Participate in Celebrating the Global IT Industry with colleagues in Software Services, product Development, Technology-firms, Implementation, Sales and Business Partners…Entrepreneurs and business leaders - Join the Source!